Open-Source for Mac to create Image Slices for Buttons?

Paul O’Brien showed me a really cool way create buttons that use CSS to do most of the work, but which have an Image Slice to create an interactive, rollover effect.

To do this, I need a way to…

[INDENT]- View an Image/Button

  • Take a “slice” of it (e.g. 4 pixels wide)
  • Save the 1st slice
  • Make a copy of the slice
  • Flip this 2nd slice
  • Splice together the 1st and 2nd slices
  • Save as an image file (e.g. png, jpg, gif)[/INDENT]

Can someone recommend open-source software that will do this on my MacBook?

I’m leery of GIMP because it is so hard to learn, and also leery of Inkscape for the same reason plus the fact that it looks like it requires X11?! :-/

OS X Preview lets me select and create a slice, but I don’t see how to splice together two images like Paul is recommending…



You can install X11 from your original OS X discs. It’s usually on the second disc, if I remember correctly.

I’m a Adobe user, so I don’t really have anything I can recommend. You’ve already mentioned the most popular free applications, so I’ll throw one more into the mix: It’s based on the Gimp but it’s a simplified version, not as complex. And it doesn’t require for you to install X11. I don’t know whether it’s good though. I don’t like Gimp either…

Anyone else know how I can easily do what I described above on my Mac without using Adobe or Gimp?


Open source other than what you already know, no.
If you want to avoid a hefty price tag or fly in the face of the big companies and support smaller independent products you can try Pixelmator.
Very cheap for what you get ($29.99), easy to use and Mac only.
I wish they would do a Windows version :frowning:

Googling “online image slicer free” returned a few results. Never having used any of them I can’t offer a recommendation but they might be worth checking out. Please post if you find one as it may benefit others in a similar quest.