Open Source Automated Website Deployment

So I’ve been searching and admittedly I suck at internet searching, but what I’m looking for is a tool that can automatically deploy a website with a couple questions to the user to set it up. Basically for our internal departments, we want the department head to validate who they are and then be presented with a wizard to setup a website that looks exactly like the other departments with the exception of department name, manager name, contact information. I’d love to find a open source tool that would do that but seem to be coming up empty.

I think that you’re looking for somethink like this WordPress plugin

I’m pretty sure that there are similar plugins if you use other CMS but, and this is the big question, are you using a CMS at all?

If you don’t, it may be still useful to study how it works to do what you want

You may also want to have a look at this page, just in case

Or this one

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