Open source affiliate program class in OOP PHP

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I am looking for an affiliate program done well in OOP PHP into which it will be fairly easy to build-in a multi-instance shopping cart system (also in OOP PHP) allowing affiliates to create one- or more storefronts (webshops). It needs to accommodate the recurring commissions model and preferably handle mass payouts too. The idea is to simply make the landing page of my custom shopping cart module available for the affiliate from within the menu/dashboard and have automated billing calculation based on the amount of carts created by an affiliate and what extras he has enabled on them. Any suggestions for a good candidate are welcome.

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I think you’d be hard pressed to find all that in one solution, some if the top end “enterprise” cart systems may allow you to do everything you want but it will cost an arm and a leg.

I’d suggest looking for an extendable cart system like which has multi vendor capabilities, plus general affiliate facilities via an addon. It’s open source so you can acces all source code and write some custom addons to get the precise functionality you need.

Thank you, Bluedreamer, but I’m not looking for the whole deal for now, just the affiliate program without the cart part.

Well there are plenty of core affiliate systems around, whether they fit your needs or not you’ll have to read up on them, a few I found via google…

Thank you, but doing a google is something I have done plenty myself. I am looking for a recommendation from someone who knows something about the code of that which he/she is recommending.

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