Open IE without toolbars?

At my company, we have a web-based, internal-use-only Java app. We’d like to setup a shortcut for the users that will open the app without IE’s toolbars being visible.

I’ve being looking around the web and there seems to be only a few options and none of them are very useful in this regard.

Opening a new window without toolbars is easy with Javascript. Right now, we open a page, that page pops the main app and then the original launcher is closed. But, we were wondering if there are command-line options that can be passed to do the same thing or maybe an easier/cleaner way of getting it done.

Oh, and don’t give me the “don’t take control from users” thing! This is a Company App on Company PCs. We control the horizontal AND the vertical!! :lol:

Thanks for the help!

Sorry but you are stuck with Javascript to do that. To the best of my knowledge there are no built in functions to manipulate the browser window.

The following works with IE6 as long as popups for your site are enabled. The… will open you page without toolbars. The window.opener=self;window.close(); is supposed to auto-close after it opens your main page, but it does not work with some browsers or high security settings. If this is your case, you could have it minimize and display some text that says this window is inactive.


<script language=“javascript”>

function fullwin() {“/login/index.php”,“login”,“left=0,top=0,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes”);



<body onLoad=‘fullwin()’>


But still have a problem, after you open the popup windows, you can press the f11 key and then it appears in maximized mode (no kiosk) with the menues and the address bar and buttons, and then, the user can navigate where it wants, even to the hard disk.

First… this is the Java and JSP forum. This question has nothing to do with Java or JSP.

That said, other than using Javascript you’re pretty much out of luck. I don’t really think it’s possible to restrict IE in the way you’ve described. Even if you could launch IE with parameters to hide the toolbar and all, what’s to stop a user from pressing Alt+F4, which will close IE (or any Windows application) and then just relaunch IE however they feel like it.

If you really want a restricted “kiosk” type environment I think you’ll need some additional software to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this exists. A browser that uses IE or some other rendering engine, so it’s just a wrapper for IE and does the things you want it to do.

Perhaps opening IE in Kiosk mode might kelp (add -k in the properties)

Actually, I had installed a Javascript function to capture the f11 keypress and discard it. Boahahahaha!

And, you’re right. When I posted this question back in 2007, I was working on a JSP project, so I put it here, but it should have been in a JS forum.

I don’t know what software is used, but I have seen many ebooks that open in there own window without all the tool bars from a browser and they are displaying internet content, you may look into this if you have not already found a solution.

actually didn’t know there was a kiosk mode for IE, I guess that’ll help, but there’s always that alt+f4 problem.


thank for your response, I wrote my question here becouse I started with code that open open a popup windows and close itself that is a JS and I here in this forum (this is an old question, probably the original post must be moved to any other forum)

I known the kiosk mode, but I need a regular window, not a full screen.

This isn’t the JS forum either - This is the Java forum, a completely different language.