Open application in new window

I have to make a link which opens flash mp player in new window.
Do you know any good tutorials which describe how can I make this? I mean I know how to open link in new window but I want to know all the details (size, position, etc.).

Just don’t…

Popups are generally disliked by some browsers and people. How about putting the flash player into an in page popup like one of these - ?

But I can’t…

Why do you think it’s bad idea?
The site is about musician. The idea is that when someone reads about him, he can also open a player in new window and listen to his music while reading.
I know that the player can be fitted into the site but the musician doesn’t like that solution.

Thanks, but this solution doesn’t allow me to use both at one time: site and flash player.

I personally wouldn’t take the popup route, apart from the fact 99% of all web browsers block all popup’s by default, you’re going to have a very limited amount of control over the window (as many browsers can be set to refuse popup’s and show everything in a new tab). It’s not a smart option to attempt those kind of techniques anymore, even if you have noble intent. You’ll never be able to set a standard on how your popup window will appear to all of your visitors. :slight_smile: