OPA - Flash ad advice

Can anyone recommend any tips or best practices for creating large flash ads? I’m developing something within the OPA XXL constraints. However I’m a rusty actionscript programmer.


Just making sure, no one has advice or experience doing expandable rollover flash ads? I guess I did locate some threads on the topic. Can’t quite tell if there are standards in place or any specific things I should keep in mind regarding the OPA XXL format.

The hardest bit is keeping within the 40k limit with what is quite a large screen area, so you need to stick to vectors as much as possible rather than importing bitmaps, and use compact libraries such as tweenlite rather than larger alternatives.

I’m not entirely sure how to make this expandable rollover flash as well. To my understanding it involves a javascript element in the HTML that changes the size of the flash? I also can’t tell if the company I’m handing it over towards handles that part…

Most of the bigger ad agencies have kits for construction of these types of ad, which should have everything you need. You’re right in thinking it needs a combination of javascript with the swf to modify html page elements.

Yeah, I think I might’ve been tasked this without knowing what I was getting into. We don’t work with any ad agency and so I’m only now realizing there are a few factors involved with creating one of these sorts of ads. I have no template and really no idea how to put one together that is remotely up to expectations.

Would you happen to know where I can find decent templates for this? I keep reading that Dartmotif.com had something but that no longer exists.

Any template suggestions? Thanks for your help.


Thanks. Besides using the Javascript technique are there other ways in which these rollover ads are implemented? Thanks for your help.

Not really. You could embed a swf transparently into an overlaid div that encompasses the fully expanded size, but this would block access to the underlying html, hence the use of javascript to modify the swf’s html container as it resizes.