Onpage and offpage optimization recently?


What is the importance of onpage and offpage optimization recently? one of my webpages is gradually decreased from page 1 to now page 2 SERP position 16 in last 3 months . I think It will go on to 3rd page and further down.

Till 3 months back, the content was good for google to put it in the first page SERP 8 or 9. The content is 100% original and is meant to sell a product through affiliate network. There are no updates to that page. But there were no updates 3 months back as well.

Recently google shows different pages of a product from the same seller (like Amazon) in front of my page and naturally my page will go down because of that. Those pages are from a site which are having a good PR, but they dont have much content and are pages enlisting their product.


It is highly suggested to atleast update your site once atleast a week.

The sites which provide continuous value to users are ranked well on Google.

Obviously 3 months is a long time and in the meantime, someone else cashed on to the opportunity.

Start with adding content more frequently.

Do some social bookmarking , blog commenting, videos and press releases for off page seo.

Videos can bring lots of traffic and conversions.

Key features to be noted on on page optimization:

  1. Check title,keyword and description meta tags

  2. Your keyword combination should be clubbed in the description of the page within 160 character

  3. your keyword should be placed in <h1> tag

  4. your keyword density should be 2-5%

Search Engines love fresh content but very often site updation may be harmful for website. Google might have chances to consider it as spam activity and as a result your site may get penalized. Few activities did in a proper way will give the good results, e.g. improving social score, building backlinks in authority sites, content sharing through blog post.

On-page optimisation which covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself, and off-page optimisation which covers activity that takes place elsewhere (e.g. link-building).

On-Page SEO Checklis are

Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
Meta Description tag
ALT tags
H1 tags
URL structure
Internal linking strategy
Keyword density
Site maps, both XML and user facing
Expect results in 6-12 month

The Spiders(algorithms) of the search engines like Google will only crawl your website if it has some new content updated on a regular basis.So regular updation of content is necessary to make Search engine feel the relevance of your website.You can also use off-page and on-page SEO to make your website rank well.More the number of quality links your website has more is the chance of ranking it well in SERP.

Thanks for all replies.