Onlywire - how many pages do you submit?

This question is for those who use onlywire for submiting their pages to social media. Let’s say you have a blog with 50 posts. Do you submit every post with onlywire? Will make that any benefit from SEO perpective since all links will be from the same user?

And further question. Let’s say that you publish articles to ezine articles or other article sites. Is a good idea to use for each post onlywire? I am asking only about SEO perpective.


For a blog of 50 pages I would submit only the main page of the website.

When using OnlyWire I always keep in mind that I’m posting not just for backlinks, but for exposure to real people, so I make sure that my posts are to specific pages of my blogs / sites that people will find useful. I always see immediate traffic from actual human beings long before any SEO benefit. I also post out to other websites that have nothing to do with my blogs / sites just to give my OnlyWire profiles a “well rounded” personality…so they don’t get flagged for posting ONLY to my websites.

I have a few OnlyWire accounts. Typically I will post to each one twice a day: one post that has nothing to do with me…like a funny story from Yahoo! News, and then one post to my own content.

Till now, I have submitted nearly every post of my blog… I don’t bookmark just for back links, I also cherish the traffic that these websites bring to my blog :slight_smile:

Though, I don’t use every service (website) available on Onlywire.