Only the home page in Yahoo index

Hi Guys,

Has anyone ever come across only the home page appearing in the Yahoo index?

Google etc show all pages.

I have never come across this before.

Better you upload yahoo meta verification file in your website root and also keep in mind that yahoo takes 2-3 months before indexing your webpages. Its a slow indexer,not so quick as google.

I believe that depends on the keywords. If index page optimized for this keyword - it must be showed in the SERP. If entry page is optimized it should be in the SERP.

Iv seen this a few times, it is usually just because i am too impatient to wait…Yahoo is sometimes very slow at indexing internal pages.

I haven’t seen or experienced such things. To my knowledge it doesn’t happens. Once a bot visited your homepage, do you think it gets trouble in crawling and indexing other pages which are on your home page’s code?

Of course I know that not every page can be crawled and indexed as the homepage is in Yahoo index. Note that I am not talking about every page of your website but the links that resides on homepage which are commonly links to your internal pages.

It’s not something I’ve come across before.

Are you absolutely sure that they are not in Yahoo’s index? (Rather than that they are there but don’t appear in the first few pages). In all of the major search engines, if you search for, it will list all the pages it has indexed on