Only Border Adds Width

Bloody hell. I have designed a webpage which I am quite pleased with however I want to centre some text but I need to put something on the right. So I have put a space on the left. However the spacer will only add the width of 30% if an border is applied.

Does anyone know how I can apply the 30% width without having a border.

border-bottom:1px solid #989898;

text-align: center;
font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;
color: #6E076B;
padding-top: 3px;

[FONT=Verdana]I’m guessing that at the moment you’ve got
<div id=“headerlinksspacer”></div>?

If so, try putting a [noparse] [/noparse] in there and see if that does the trick.

Or alternatively, a better solution might be to have the right-hand content come first in the markup (floated right), and then you can float the headerlinks <div> to the right and you won’t need a spacer <div> at all.[/FONT]

Nice one thanks, that worked fine.

min-height:.5em; ( in IE height:.5em) that way you dont have to touch the mark up.