review (for java web hosting)

  • that you are not the host and that you are not affiliated with the host.
    Threads which do not comply will be removed.
  • how long you have been/were hosted
  • whether or not you are still hosted
  • what plan(s) (e.g., shared, reseller and VPS or dedicated [managed or unmanaged]) you have/had and
  • which domain(s) (without http:// and/or www) you have/had hosted with them

Following the above instructions, I can say that I am not in any way associated with OnlineCares other than using them to host my site for the last 2 years.

I have a private tomcat java hosting plan with them. (

Their staff are knowledgeable and they fixed all the problems that I encountered, and their servers are good. I had my sites with rimu hosting before, however I was not satisfied with their support, so I moved my website to onlinecares. The main problem I see with their staff is the slowness in reply, most of their replies take more than 1 hour. But I am happy with them since they incoperate the web hosting with their development team, so they fixed minor scripting related problems for no additional costs. Personally, I recommend them to others if you are looking for a reliable java web hosting.