Online Web Development Meetings

I work for city government and we have monthly web meetings online and live to share with one another by providing dog and pony show tips or discussion. It is geared in the area of Geographic Information Systems, but it’s not limited to this. Are there others that would be interested in this?

With budget crunches, I thought a no cost solution may eliminate the cost of lost knowledge opportunities.

I like to share with others my knowledge and hear from others so we all learn more.

If you are interested I would like to know what other areas you are interested as topic of interest; but web geared.

To be perfectly honest, there’s already a number of places already offering those kind of events via the web. Granted most of them cost, but their run by industry professionals and leaders in the field, so the benefit isn’t just the discussion of subjects but the opportunity to get advice from the best the web has to offer. :slight_smile:

PS: What do you think these forums are… if not online meeting places to discuss stuff :stuck_out_tongue: