Online tutorials


Hoping for some help, I am volunteering at a library giving basic computer lessons. Some lessons are more basic then others :slight_smile:

Looking for suggestions for free online tutorials/games for typing, mouse moving, even basic gmail, internet.


don’t know of any specific sites for that, but maybe try searching Youtube or for videos/screencasts.

Hi Michelle,

As a teacher myself I’m always on the look out for free sites/games that will benefit students in particular with their typing skills. I came across this website: which tests your speed and is also great for advanced users to practice their typing skills! :slight_smile: - I’m in no way affiliated with that link/site btw, its just something I used myself during my classes - hope it helps you out :smiley:

Thanks! I will pass this site on.

you’re welcome :tup:

Online tutorials are very effective way of working through that. There are video online tutorials also. Some of them are free of cost while some are paid. You can look for your interst. It can be a effective way of doing online learning.

Do you have any sites offering free online tutorials that you like?

When people don’t know how to use the Mouse, I tell them to play the different solitary games that are installed with Windows. They have fun while they learn how to use it and control the clic, double click and drag movements.

I would have to agree :slight_smile: Solitar games are great

[FONT=“Georgia”]There’s and a couple channels on Youtube, like ExpertVillage, that might help you out.


Thanks, I will pass on the eHow and expertvillage information. I did find some really nice how to videos on YouTube. :slight_smile: