Online site spellcheker

Is there an online tool that will check your site for misspelled words?

I’ve just googled “online spelling checker” and it came up with several.

Off topic: Although my spelling often needs checking, I’ve found my spells always work! :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried it, but this was a search result

Just tried it. A lot of false errors.
It is limited to English or French languages. But I suspect the “English” is not English English, but some variation like US English.
I usually find myself copy and pasting into MS Word to do spell checks!

“an online tool that will check your site for misspelled words”
I mean something along the lines of this, which checks your site for broken links:

Found this one, but are there better?

Try this:’s_Link_Sleuth

Unfortunately (?) just remembered it only works in Windows :slight_smile:

Hmm, Google Translate English to English finds and corrects at least some spelling errors,

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I didn’t want a broken links checker.
That’s also not what I’m looking for.

Google “website spell checker” there are a few to choose from, including add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

What’s wrong with Word spellcheck?

It will only check Word documents, it does not check whole on-line websites, as the OP requested.
You would need to copy/paste every page into Word, run the check, then apply any changes to your html.


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