Online shop demo

Converting a frames script to work in a iFrame environment to support a very ‘basic’ shop demonstration.
I think the javascript file needs modification to work with the iFrame!
The shop and departments work fine, but I am not getting the Order page to present in the iFrame! If that was solved the ‘Send Customer Order’ button needs to call the thanku page to complete the demo exercise.

The link at Shop Page shows this in practice.

Question 1. I need to clarify the Doctype that should be used! What Doctype should be used?
Question 2
. Need to resolve the frames/iframe issues with the shopping.js file? Located at Section 10 in shopping.js file. What do I need to do?
Question 3. Target the iFrame with Order page linking! How could I do this?
Question 4. The € signs changed to ? in a diamond when uploaded to the live server. See attached image. Is there a simple reason for this and is there a workaround?
Question 5. Properly revise Javascript at Section 23 in shopping.js file! Any ideas/directions?
Question 6. I note on upload to the live server an additional avg script installed<script src=“/A2EB891D63C8/avg_ls_dom.js” type=“text/javascript”>and appearing on each page alongside the shopping.js file. What is this script and why does this file appear in the pages I uploaded to support these questions?

Thanks in advance.:confused: