Online quote / estimate form?

I have search high and low, I know somebody will post right away a link saying it was their first hit on Google. I have been trying to find a script that will let me put live estimates / quotes on a website and add estimates results to a form that can be emailed by the client.

The closest I have found to describe what I am looking for is at

If anyone can point me in the right direction for a quote / estimate script that will allow me to do what the link above does I would really appreciate it. Opensource / free is prefered.

Sounds more like a custom thing than a script. The formula that produces the estimate is going to be specific to you or to some industry/association. What you need is someone to write the couple lines of JavaScript to run the formula you use to generate a quote, and populate that form field with it. If you view the source of that example and scroll down to the form, the code that runs their form is just a couple conditionals and multiplications.

As for e-mailing the form to the client after they use the quote form, that’s just a “form to email” or “form mailer” – you can find that easy enough.