Online Fax Services

Hey guys,

I’m curious if you guys know of any decent online fax services. I’ve got a fax machine here at my office, but it isn’t on a dedicated line and there isn’t necessarily always someone there to flip it over to receive faxes when I want to get them. I always feel awkward with clients saying “Just fax back the contract… but give me a call first because I don’t have a dedicated fax line”. Are there any good services where my faxes can be collected elsewhere and just e-mailed to me as PDFs or something? I’ve seen ads for a few, but curious which ones you’ve tried and are decent.


I’m a big fan of eFax myself. Relatively cheap service, faxes can be handled via email, pdfs of what you get, your own number and it’s all simple.

I was with Puma fax but they got bought out by efax; not noticed any difference since the changeover, works fine, although more expensive now but at the same time I get more features. Well worth it IMO.

I’d also recommend efax - not the cheapest out there, but still cheap nonetheless.

Also, you might want to take a look at myfax which I believe is based in Canada.

I like

MyFax looks good. Has anyone else tried that service?

We’ve used for almost 10 years now for fax.

I love and highly endorse You get fax and a cool voice mail service.

I’m using smartfax its much cheaper than efax, i think. :x

I recommend e-fax, even tho its not cheap you can get a free number for your email box, so if you just want to receive then its free :smiley:

Do you happen to use a VoIP service for your phones? Some of those offer cheap dedicated Fax lines. I have one through Vonage for $9.99/month. Works like any regular phone-line and it’s cheaper than some of the online options.

I use for all of our phones/faxes and they are great. Not cheap, but they do a great job and their little tray-client is actually useful.

I’ve used eFax for years. I have a toll-free number in the US at no charge, and paid faxes in two other countries. Never had a problem with them, and the desktop interface is perfect.

101Fax offers pay per use faxing. this is a great offer for those who are low on the budget and has low fax usage. i have been using this for 5 months now and it’s working pretty well. some of the features include fax broadcasting, email to faxing (viceversa), (both!) inbound and outbound faxing…

you can also receive a copy of the fax message (and even fax notifications) in your email

we used in the past and

I’ve been using it for a few years. It’s fine for receiving faxes by e-mail. It was a pain to get a fax SENT through MyFax without it becoming illegible, so I just go to a copy shop to send faxes and use MyFax to receive them.

Onesuite Fax is a good option too. Only $1 for the basic service (unlimited incoming) and $2.95 with outgoing option.