Online Event Registration Service

I made a site for a Church a while back. Now they are wanting to allow users to register and pay for a day camp from their website. I know there are many companies that provide this registration service (I looked at, and others). I think they all charge a fee per transaction and then I suppose paypal would take a small cut too.

Is it difficult to set this up myself? I’m wondering if there’s a good script out there I can use? I just need to have users be able to fill out a form and make secure payment. I assume either way, the Church should get a paypal account or Google Checkout?

I have been trying to get them to move over to a Wordpress site, as I think there’s many plugins that would make this easy to set up myself, and I know this Church won’t want to spend much to do this.

What is the best (and most affordable) solution?

Thanks in advance.

eCommerce is trickier than it seems. You definitely need to use a 3rd party processor like PayPal, and not accept credit cards directly on the site, as it’s unlikely they can afford (or justify) the cost of becoming PCIDSS compliant.