Online Dating

Who uses dating sites??
are dating sites taking a drop becaues of social network sites?
would like to know your thoughts.

I would have thought that social networking sites serve a pretty different purpose to dating sites…

For instance, if someone was to ask me for a date here I’d ban them.

Dating sites vs social network sites : I think there are many there still want a dating site for dating and a social network sites for network but sometimes are there not so much difference between the sites, but I think that people who want to date go directly to a online dating pages and although many get the dating idea on social network sites and so they try to date there, the problem of social network sites is often that there are not so many functions and opportunities as a genuine dating site.

Dating is more private thing. You wouldn’t share much about your dating experience and updates. As for social networking, it’s more public, you share stuffs with your friends.

Dating sites have a different profile from social networking. If you have one stick on it because there are more and more people who use this kind of websites.
The difference between the two is that social networks address to all the people, no matter the age or the status. These are very general and that’s way they don’t put into the shadow the dating ones.

This is a matter of how did you succeedto promo your website because therea re many gay people that search for a partner. So, try some SEO tips like Google, subscribing it in the directories, throught the social networks etc.

I don’t think that dating sites would be adversely affected by Facebook, that is because dating sites have some modicum of privacy more than Facebook can provide.

Social networking and dating sites are total different.
Most dating sites used social networking sites to promote their websites.

What you will find is that a lot of social networking sites are now adding dating features, and a lot of dating sites are adding social networking features.

I still think, however, that it’s better to find a date on an actual dating site. It’s amazing how many women freak out if you hit on them in a social networking site. Geez, what’s up?

date site, i am not using it now.but some of my friend often it,networking sites to promote their websites is the popular way.

yes it is true that dating sites are overpowered by social net working sites. Many people preferred to go for time pass for social net working sites.

we created dating sites for gay people. and there are only few who sign up.

I agree with jasonvan, if your looking for a date then go to a dating site as its members are there for that purpose, social networking is really for keeping in touch with people.