Online data backup solution?

We’re a web design company and currently work from an external harddrive which I backup once a week. Im sure theres a better solution and was thinking about backing up data online. Does anyone know a good service that would offer this? I envisage needing about 1TB of storage. Ive been in touch with a couple of likely companies, but both said they couldnt handle this much data. Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks.

I use carbonite online back up. It’s affordable and it works great. I have had to use it several times to recover things I have accidentally deleted and recover documents from computer crashes. It sometimes takes a couple of hours to get things back, but it beats losing them all together.

Just as a point of reference. My “My documents” folders is currently at 5.27 gig. Carbonite has no limits on back-up size. My “Documents & Settings” folder is ovr 9 gigs.

With Carbonite, I can recover a single email, a single file, a single folder, multiple emails, files, and folders or the whole shebang if I need to. It automatically backs up everything so I don’t need to pick and choose what might be expendable and what is not.

I’m all for open source and free, but sometimes it pays to pay. For a little over 4.50 a month, I can be worry free about all of my data.

There’s a great free solution out there called Dropbox:

You get 2GB of storage data for free with paid updates (if you require more). :slight_smile: