Online classifieds site

Is there anything I need to know in advance before I setup an online classifieds site? I was thinking about having users post pictures of their snowmobiles/cars and other items, but would I need to have some type of license to do this?


Permits always required in online cases.

Answers useless without underlying facts…

OP, your laws would depend on your country, state and city of residence. No one here can answer your question.

In my geographic location, no permits or licenses would be required to do this, yours may vary.

I need help finding this information…

its Iowa in the usa

Keeping in mind that I’m not a lawyer and you should see professional advice in your city/state, I can’t imagine you’d need any kind of license to run a classifieds site, but you may need a license to setup and register a business and/or open a business checking account for yourself.

Have you considered how you’ll set yourself apart from your competition like ebay, craigslist or backpage?