Online c# compiler exe giving error


i tried an online compiler for c#

when you will visit that link you will see a script already written for hello world

i clicked the compile button tab and it compiled and created an exe file with main.exe

then i downloaded that main.exe file on my computer

but when i run the exe file it gives error (scree nshot attached)

i dont understand if the problem is with the script or the compiler ??


At this point, isn’t it easier to assume there is something wrong with your computer? VS Code failed on it, Visual Studio Community failed on it, and now a random executable you downloaded from a website you found is failing.

when i search on google for this error

it says that the error is mostly due to missing .NET Framework

i dont understand it

Does all c# compiled exe programs require .NET Frameworks to be installed ??

Do all companies who create programs in c# ask their customers to install NET Framework before running their exe files ??



No, we package .NET with the installer, but it makes the installer massive, so I can see why a random website that does c# compiling wouldn’t do that!

you are gonna need the .NET runtime. What OS are you on?

below is the most common .NET version and runs on windows XP

hi all

after installing the NET Framework 4.0 i am getting the error

unable to find a version of the runtime to run the application

my exe file of c# program is on desktop

do i need to move it inside any windows or system folder ??

or it can be run from desktop also ??


I’m not 100% certain, but you may need to download Mono.

As that website you reference in Post #1, is using Mono to compile the code, not the .NET framework itself. My knowledge of Mono is limited, as I yet to have a desire to use it or a need to use it. But since the online compiler is using it, I’m fairly certain you need it too.

No, you simply need the correct framework installed

It can run from anywhere.

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