Online Business

what sort of online business has more customers?? Service based ( soft wares , virtual phone numbers etc) or tangible/touchable products ???

Do market research, these will identify which are in on the market, since we are talking online business. Know your competitors status, it will help you identify and more important, what is your niche and your target audience/customer.

I think, Robert is already doing a market research by asking that one in this forum. But I think, as to not make it so vague perhaps, you should give us some list of services (that you want to sell) so that it would be easier for site point members to choose/voice which they think will sell online.

For very business, there are different kind of customers. For an online business also there are fur different kinds do customers that exists which includes drivers, amiables, expressives, analyticals.
The driver type customers is all about getting results in a quick and efficient manner.They want their answers very quickly.The amiable type is focused on others.Its easy to provide them with the services because they want to work with company. The expressive customers are easy to handle and they are decisive. They may go off the topic but its important to steer them back to the business. The analytical customers are mainly concerned about the facts and figures.

There are lots of products and services in the web world, how can we sure that which one is yours or what you’re willing for?
I’ll show your next reply with specify your interest.

I think that you’re asking the wrong question. You don’t get more money for having lots of customers. If you sell Ferraris which is a very expensive product, you really don’t need that many people to make profit… as a matter of fact, you don’t want millions of customers (or it would not be an exclusive product).

Anyway, why do you want to know?

You need to conduct marketing research for the product/service you’re interested in, create a workable plan for the most appealing, and follow it.