Online Adobe Courses: Looking for Good Ones

Hi everyone,
At work we have development credits and I have decided to learn more when it comes to book, print, and vector designs. As a part of the rules with the development credits at work I’m not allowed to use sites like for teaching myself, these must be online courses taught by an instructor that knows what they are teaching. (Adobe Certified is a bonus?)

Any suggestions on where to go for the following online courses? Anywhere from 1 day to 1 week I am thinking?

  • Colour Theory (working with colour profiles in CMYK for offset printing: I’m not sure if this is a Mac Preview issue but what I see on a PDF file always seems to appear differently than what I see on my screen within Adobe InDesign and then the print out itself. Still trying to figure it out for myself, so colour is a pretty important aspect that I am hoping to learn.)

  • InDesign for Book Design

  • InDesign for ePub layouts

  • Illustrator for vector illustrating