Online Accident and Incident Management System

Hello everyone,

I would like to build an online accident and incident management system that construction sites under my control can access an record any accidents that they have or incidents that have occurred.

I was thinking PHP but I’m not too sure and don’t want to spend a significant amount of time learning the programming language to then find out it’s not suitable.

Can anyone give me any advice on the best platform/language to use/learn.



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Hi Networkrail welcome to the forum

Without knowing more about the specifications other than

It’s not really possible to know what “best” is.

Can you post a more detailed list of what steps, requirements and limitations are involved?

Hi Mittineague,

Thank you for your reply.

I need a system that collects data but then can produce reports, etc and can change based on the data put in.

For example if they say that the injury has resulted in a visit to hospital then extra fields appear but if they haven’t been to hospital then the fields stay hidden.

Also a workflow that automatically Emails people based on the data entered.

Seems that PHP is looks like he best one with the data input being dynamic.

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Such a system could be made with php, but maybe not php alone. It would require html forms, not too difficult to do, php scripts to process the forms, sql database to store the data and more php to retrieve the data and do the emails.

To make the forms alter and react to user input may require some additional javasript, if you need those changes without a page refresh.
It possibly could be done without js, if there were maybe multi page forms. For example, on page 1 they say if there was a hospital visit, and page 2 displays fields accordingly.
But with js, you could have a checkbox for hospital and if checked, extra fields are enabled on the same page.
There are other languages, but php is certainly capable of this.

You will need to learn Html(the basic for a website), Php(also basics), SQL(for your databases), than probably Javascript/Jsquery for “dynamics”, and CSS for the design.

Btw, unless you have already experience in programming, I think that it would be better for you to pay someone else for this job. Because learning more programming languages is one thing, but starting the whole concept is another.

That said, if you have time and patience, you will make it. It isn’t that hard, and other programmers are very generous about helping you when you have no idea how to.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve been learning HTML and PHP, I guess it’s just the other bits that I also need to learn such as Java Script.

Thanks for your advice.