One Word Keyword or Multiple words keyword?


I am going to start new project on SEO. As far as i know, multiple words keywords are better than single word Keyword. But my client wanted me to use only single word keywords .

Guide me which is better and what i should do ?

You can’t control what people type into Google. You might want them to search for particular words or phrases, but that doesn’t mean that they will. What you need to do is to optimise your site for whatever words or phrases people are actually searching for, where your site would be a relevant answer. Whether that is a single word or a multi-word phrase depends on your site and target audience.

Yeah u are rite. Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
One more thing is that should i use keywords with low competition and high traffic whether it be single phrase or multiple ?

As of my knowledge you can optimize both the keyword types, single word and multiple phrase. but the things is if you optimize for single word it is very much difficult to get top ranks in search engine. If you use multiple keywords then there is a chance to get to ranks. and as far as i concerned about the competition, Low competition is better than high competition.

Hi folks, I’m new here but let me help you regarding your question.

You must first consider going to google keyword tool that will surely help you in finding the right answer to your question. You search in the keywords either multiple words keyword or single word keyword (1 per line) on the left side click ‘exact’ then uncheck ‘broad’, You could see which has lots of searches per month on every keyword and you can also see if its high, medium, low competition.

There you go I hope I’ve manage to help.

Thanks for suggestions… First of all i am going to convince my client to use 2-3 phrase keywords.

Also i will go for those keywords that has low competition and high traffic :slight_smile:

No problem. Goodluck with your journey man. You can directly PMed me if you need more suggestion when it comes to SEO and internet marketing.

Thanks Conrey :slight_smile:
Will surely mail you.

Just try to optimize your site for related words. It is generally said that long tail keywords have low competition. so you likely have more chance of listing your keyword top in search engine.

Thereby you can easily increase the website traffic.


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single keyword are not always targeted towards the business and very high competative

lets say if u target website instead of website designer than it may not be a targeted traffic

someone searching for website may be looking for website designer or may be website jobs or even some website course

if you come for this keyword on Google first page than if people click on your website your bounce rate will increase

this is Google way to know that website being shown on first page is not related to keyword and they put u on back pages for that keyword

So its much better to target 2 words keyword than one

Opps, yeah you’re exactly right. my mistake. :slight_smile: