One of the page speed problems

Hello my friends,

I have a problem with the speed when analyzing my blog, Google gadget (Speed ​​Page)

The problem is to leave the pictures off the screen

Welcome to Sitepoint! Unfortunately, this is not enough information for us to help you. If you give us the exact wording in the Speed Page, then that would be a great help. If it points to specific code, then it will be helpful for us to see those lines of code as well.

“The problem is to leave pictures off the screen.” If pictures are slowing you down, then can you edit the HTML so the pictures do not show? What difficulties do you face from fixing the issue yourself? This would give us an idea of your skill level.

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First thank you
Second, this is the link to the report on the speed of my site by Google

Typically the first thing I try to do is fix as many validation errors as possible.

Nu Html Checker results

There are several online “speed” tools

Pingdom Website Speed Test results

GTmetrix results

In general, clicking on an icon - eg. :warning: ▼ - will display more information and provide suggestions on how improvements can be made.

IMHO, chasing after every microsecond is likely more effort than the benefit is worth, but fixing what’s easy “low hanging fruit” and the major bottlenecks is definitely worth the effort.

It may require making some difficult decisions. Having a page that has everything and does everything may be desirable, but if improved speed is wanted likely there will need to be a compromise and either the page will need to be split into more than one page or something(s) will have to go.


thanks YOU brother
All these problems are reasonably within the blog

Your images can be optimized. This will be an important area to change, especially since you have so many. Run all your images, especially the large number of thumbnails, through to get their sizes down. The thumbnails are too small to detect the details, so you might as well make them PNGs with 32 or 64 colors to get the size down, then run them through

You need to incorporate lazy loading of your images so the viewers see them only when they scroll into view.

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You have pressed a picture and yet appear from within the problems

Sorry, but I’m having difficulty comprehending that. Please rephrase.

Would it be appropriate for ESL posters be asked to write a post again, but also in their native language, simply because people around the world are reading these pages, and one of them might be able to help?

Off Topic

I understand your thinking, but the forum rules do say:

The official language here is English and all communications should be in English please. That’s not because we don’t respect other languages, but because it’s the only language we all understand!

One of the problems is that moderators would have to run everything through a translator to ensure it is a genuine post and not just Spam. (We get a lot of that, in multiple languages.) It really isn’t practical to have multiple languages in use.


I can usually do fairly well at gleaning meaning. Reading again, I think I may have it.

“I have compressed (optimized) images, but speed tests still indicate they’re a problem”

My guess is image problems in general are being reported as a problem with images without specifying what in particular the problem(s) might be. i.e. “optimization” could mean either uncompressed images, many requested images, or both.

In this case, if the images are at minimal weight without losing quality, the problem is likely too many of them are being requested.

Possible solutions that may help

  • don’t have as many images in any single page
  • use a CDN to help minimize transfer time
  • take advantage of caching wherever possible
  • maybe lazy load images “below the fold”?
  • use thumbnails that can open full images on demand instead of full sized images on initial page load

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