One Line Email Subscribe to Newsletter for Website

Hi All,

I have been looking all day for the past few days for a One Line Email Subscribe to Newsletter for Website.

Something similar to this website:

Can some one point me in the right direction. Surely there is a simple service that will let you do this easily.

I have tried Mailchimp but it requires a form that take up much of the landing page space.

Even you can use custom form of one line email subscribe form for MailChimp

Hi bowlofnoodle . Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do exactly that with MailChimp, and with other services like CampaignMonitor (which I use). Once you’ve set up a mailing list for a site, you ask the system to generat form code for you. With CampaignMonitor at least, you choose what fields you want, so in your case, you just choose the default name field and nothing else. and the necessary form code is generated for you. Then you just paste it into your page, style to suit, and Bob’s your uncle. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much ralph.m!

CampaignMonitor provide this service! Mail Chimp from what I gather do not provide this. It requires you to use the form and you have to have their logo underneath.

I think the site I provide uses this service as well. It interacts with, which I thought was the provider.

Thanks again. Problem solved!

Glad that helped! Yes, I haven’t used MailChimp. so wasn’t sure how it worked. Anyhow, is indeed a CampaignMonitor URL. CampaignMonitor is really nice to use, I must say. Have fun with it. :slight_smile: