One Large blog site or several smaller sites?

I hear everything on both sides of the isle everywhere else so I figured I’d bring the question here.

the topics are:

  1. Web news/social media/tech companies/gadgets & mobile/mods/how-to’s/hacks
  2. Startups/product development/funding/business news/finance
  3. Breaking into the movie business/news from inside the industry
  4. Tricks for college admissions and financial aid
  5. Unique series on math

Should they be separate blogs or one giant site?

Should I combine 1 & 2 at the least?

Looks like 5 separate sites to me.
If I’m reading something on maths and the next article is how to float a div left, and then the one after that is on how to become an extra in a tv series, I’d wonder what on earth was going on!

It would be a lot easier to just create one large site and manage the all the content on one network… but in the long run depending on how much content is created you will most likely end up dividing it up anyway. Personally I think micro niche oriented sites offer better user experiences and are easier to market.

Have to agree with Dr. John, five separate sites are clearly indicated here.