One domain name for multiple servers

Hi All,

At the moment I provide a service where someone will sign up and I will assign them a subdomain. At the moment I have it so: => Server 1 => Server 2 => Server 3 ect.

Depending on how busy each server gets is dependent on where I put new customers so one guy will have a (on server 1) and another would be on (server 2). (note: urn is unique)

What I would like to do is still have people on separate servers BUT only use one domain name.

I don’t know how I would go about setting this up. If I assigned lots of name servers to one domain name, would it search each server associated with the domain names and just pick up properly?

Thanks in advance.

Subdomains can point at separate ips, just set up an A record with the name set to the subdomain part, and the relevant ip. If you don’t want to use ips then create a host name for each server and use CNAME records for the sub domains

I did think of that but ideally I would like to be able to move people around to different servers if need be without having to wait for propagation time of the sub domain changing IP address.

I think I am just hoping for to much …

What you really want to look into here is load balancing.

You can do a poor man’s version by using a front-end reverse proxy to send requests to a farm of app servers behind it. Lots of ways to get there, really depends quite a bit on infrastructure.

OT: why are you doing MVC in delphi? F# might be cool, but pascal is a bit behind the times . . .

you can try a load balancer like varnish… and have 3 virtual ips for one public ip