One div doesn't reach edge of container

I am having problems with the get connected div not quite reaching the side of the container div on

As you can see it is indented by a few pixels. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

That’s the problem with frameworks. The column parent (the immediate parent: .col-sm-6 col-xs-12) by default sets padding. YOu’d have to manually void that.

You can offset it like this assuming these styles are not used elsewhere.


thanks that has worked when I put that in for the larger media queries the problem now is that the border at the bottom doesn’t stretch all the way across but I can’t see where that is set as there is only a border-top in the style sheet and if I put a border-bottom it puts one in all the way across so I have a double thickness border

You could remove the top border from .whitecontentbox (that border you are having trouble with) and place it as a BOTTOM border on .greencontentbox