a good host?

My company website (joomla) is at this moment hosted by an expensive hosting company. Is there anyone experienced with the host ‘’? It is a cheap hosting company, but does my site still is as fast as on this moment? Thanks for your response!

I had my first joomla sites on servers and I was not happy at all. Depending on the size of the database/site, the servers are very slow. As I said, if it is a very small site it might do the job, but if you had virtuemart or something similar installed, than do not use!

I won’t comment on any hosting company rather will advice you to check their quality of service & support. Try to get their online reviews and check their response time for few presales queries.
Hosting Joomla website should not be a problem for any host and if servers have excellent network connectivity then websites will load at lightning speed.

What about your hosting requirements in terms of speed and bandwidth? There are many cheap hosting companies available in the industry. Hence, the choice of the hosting company should be based on the reliability of the host provider and the experience of the hosting company in the industry.

I suppose you will never know how good or bad that company is, unless you run your own tests.
The opinion shared by other people about various companies is their own one and that does not mean that you will have the same experience.

SiberForum is correct. Anyone can give you an opinion but opinions should be taken with a grain of salt as no everyone has the same uses for hosting.