One Column

I am noob using CSS frameworks
I have a “small” problem, I saw in tutorial how to create two or more columns (boxes) but should i do when i want ONE column?

I am “playing” with and Semantic-UI


You really should understand html and css before you tip your toes into a grid system otherwise you will never be able to alter it to fit your needs. However there are some tools around that will help you [URL=“”]create columns.

I’m not sure why you would the help of a grid for one column though as that can be done in a few lines of css without the help of the grid. I never did see much use for those grids anyway as it’s just basic CSS that you can knock up in a few minutes. Frameworks like bootstrap or foundation on the other hand have a whole host of other useful features for large projects but I wouldn’t usually use them for small sites.

In the end you have to remember that these tools are just built with normal css and if you don’t have a good grasp of CSS then you will be their slave to the tool and not its master:)

Thank you paul for you reply, but i need to do a template with
two columns then one for rotator, 3 col and one as a footer

What does rotator mean?