One click goes to 404, page not found

The web video script that I’m using has a link (link-A) where if you click on it once, you are re-directed to “404, page not found”, if you click again, from there, you get to the correct page. However, at this point you can click other site links and go to correct pages, and then click the original link (link-A) again, and you get directed to the correct page again.

It appears that this “404, page not found” re-direct only happens upon the site home page being displayed initially, each time. In fact, after the home page opens initially, you can double-click (link-A) and will be re-directed to “404, page not found” if you click again, from there, you get to the correct page.

It’s not just Link-A, it’s all links on the home page. It’s as if it takes 3 clicks (or as if the home page has to be re-refreshed or something)

here is a sample of one of the links code:

<a href="{{LINK videos/category/1}}" data-load="?link1=videos&page=category&id=1">

I look forward to any comments or remedies.

Not useful HTML. What does the code look like when you “show source” in the browser? (that is useful HTML - ie: the stuff that makes a browser dance.)

As you’ve heard before, without useful HTML (browser-actionable code), we can only guess.
You may find your answer here:

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If PHP is being used then I believe if LINK is a constant it will show as LINK. Only variables prefixed with $ will be resolved.


Thanks for all the help/replies.
As it turned out, when the page displayed via http:// instead of https:// it had that kink issue. The remedy was adding this to .htaccess:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

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