One Article on Multiple Sites

There is debate that IF you use one article on multiple sites then it should be “spun” so each site gets slightly different copy.

Interested to see what other people’s take is on this and if you do spin articles how effective is this verses not spinning a article.

Seems kind of well… not right to me.

What are your thoughts and practices on this daily issue?

  • ThatGuy

You can submit the same article to different directories. The only time duplicate content becomes an issue is when you have the same content on separate pages on your own site. For example, if you have a traditional web page and a print-version of that page, it would be considered duplicate content.

So, since there’s no duplicate content issue for submitting the same article to different, you don’t need to change them at all.

As for spinning, don’t do it. It makes your content a jumbled mess, and it lessens your credibility. If you need to rewrite things, do it manually. It will save you alot of embarrassment later.


Yes, you can post one article on multiple sites.Important thing is that must not be duplicate content. Why don’t you post many different articles in Ezine.It is more helpful.

very perceptive

spun articles are garbage

In my absence from web and focusing on 3D degree i am a little behind on SEO… but not much with Google just updating the guide again.

Seems like old is new again.

I use one article in only one site. But if we talk about spinning a article and submit in other sites I can say It is good and we can get good links from it. :slight_smile:

unless you can give me an example of an article along with a spun version of the same article, i’m going to repeat what i said – spun articles are garbage

^I have to agree.

Articles that are rewritten to cover the same topic from a different perspective may be an improvement, but if you’re going to publish spun articles you may as well publish the first drafts instead. They won’t be as polished as the final copy but at least they’ll stand a chance of not being total garbage - if you write reasonably well, that is.

My guess is that anyone that thinks a spinner can create anything remotely passable is a poor judge of literary quality.