Onclick link without hd works but the with doesnt work

hi i have the follow jwplayer i’ve got a link that loads the video into the player fine but now i am trying to add another one that load with the hd option
here the single one works fine

<a title="Testimonial One" href="#" onclick="loadNplay('http://www.1st4film.biz/homepagefilms/looknorthlunchtime2.mp4')"><img src="images/24hrs.jpg" border="0" title="picture" /></a>

here the one with hd link that doesnt work any idea how i can fix it?

<a title="Testimonial One" href="#" onclick="loadNplay(
           'hd.file': 'videos/film.mp4',
           'title': 'Big Buck Bunny Trailer',
           'provder': 'rtmp',
           'streamer': 'rtmp://rtmp.server.com/application',
           'image': 'http://thumbnails.server.com/thumbs/bunny.jpg',
           'duration': '33.03',
           'description': 'An animated short from the Blender project')"><img src="images/24hrs.jpg" border="0" title="picture" /></a>

Is loadNplay a function of yours? If so can you post the code.

If loadNplay is a 3rd party piece of code - Is documentation available?

It looks to me if the subsequent arguments are an associative array. In which you might just be missing some brackets

<a title=“Testimonial One” href=“#” onclick=“loadNplay(
{ ‘hd.file’: ‘videos/film.mp4’,
‘title’: ‘Big Buck Bunny Trailer’,
‘provder’: ‘rtmp’,
‘streamer’: ‘rtmp://rtmp.server.com/application’,
‘image’: ‘http://thumbnails.server.com/thumbs/bunny.jpg’,
‘duration’: ‘33.03’,
‘description’: ‘An animated short from the Blender project’ })”>

hi thanks for taking the time to look out my issue i managed to fixed here how is working now

<div id='mediaplayer'></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    'flashplayer': 'player.swf',
    'id': 'playerID',
    'width': '640',
    'height': '480',
    'playlistsize': '160',
	'skin': 'modieus.zip',
	'dock': 'false',
     autostart: true, 
    'plugins': {
       'hd-1': {}

the code to call the to player both video normal and hd

<a href="#" onClick="jwplayer().load({'file': 'hofbell30732_SD.mp4', 'hd.file': 'videos/film.mp4'})">