On Page SEO activities

I’ve moved your question into this topic as it is more relevant here. You will find a good deal of information on this is you search either the forums or the Internet. A good summary is given in this post:

Difference between short tail and long tail keywords - #4 by Ted_S

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You have to start with On Page SEO first and after making sure all the on page activities are done then you have to go for Off Page SEO. In On Page SEO you can start with Editing Meta Tags, Image or Alt Tags, URL Structures, Site Architecture, Page Speed Issues etc.

Hey @webogenwebsolutions Can you guide me about snippets? And How will I Do?

How can I fix image with missing alt tag on my website?

Find those images and add alt text. e.g.

<img src="images/myimage.jpg" width="400" height="300" alt="alt text goes here">

If you’re unclear about the purpose of alt text, then read this for a good explanation of how to add meaningful text:


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Can you explain about these quoted topics?

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I personally use an online marketing plan that has really valuable SEO tips based on the website analysis. Also, I see what’s done, and what should be still implemented. That’s helpful!

On page Activities are:
Meta Descriptions.
Meta Tags.
URL Structure. …
BodyTags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.) …
Image SEO.
Internal Linking.

These are the list of on page SEO activities, It could better and useful information, if you explain one topic in dtails.
Plz do useful descriptive reply

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On page SEO activities are
Optimizing Meta tags
internal linking
external linking
site maps
content relevancy
keyword density

@digital3: posting a list like this with no details or explanation is of very little help to anybody, especially a beginner. It would be much more helpful if you would pick the activity you feel is most important and explain clearly why it matters and how to do it.


I would like to recommend you that you can see some e-books and also some blogs by google. And Google’s Help Centre is much helpful . You can check that

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On Page SEO ACtivities

  1. Keyword research
  2. Select relevant keyword for topics or product
  3. Rewrite ULR with keyword
  4. Use H1 tag
  5. Internal and external link use
  6. Title and meta description write with keywords
  7. Content optimization

To be clear, this applies to all posters:

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As far as on page SEO is concerned there are PLENTY of things we have to do. One of them I would like to mention here (as it is not mentioned in this thread yet) is paying attention to Page load time of your web pages. Page load time is one of the important ranking factors in SERP. According to Google, if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, most visitors will leave your site.

You can see where ur site is as far as this aspect is concerned on following popular websites
1. Google Page speed insights
2. Pingdom
These tools will give you an insight into what needs to be done to improve speed of your website.
and overall user experience. There will be few factors such as leverage browser cache, remove render blocking javascript, etc.which will be difficult to understand for a newbie. I suggest before implementing, you google each point for what it means. you can learn all these topics one by one since there are many blogs available to get help along with Google tutorials. A Little bit of technical but worth learning. Also, read a lot to make your site good. hope this helps u

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On page refer to the structure of your website such as your title tag, meta data, keyword density,heading, etc while off page refer to your back linking process and social media marketing. If you still confuse try to read this…