On Our Radar: Linting, Shelf-life, Sass and CSS3

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Much was discussed this week on the SitePoint Forums. The most important of our weekly discoveries is that the software we write never has bugs, it simply develops exciting and random new features.

On our radar:

We compare JavaScript Linting tools and discover the tabs vs spaces rule was silently added without warning. This may be purely subjective and it’s pointed out this could be the next great dogs vs cats debate.

Ralphm posted “The Internet and the Throwaway Society,” which sounds like a really good Margaret Atwood novel you can cosy up to next to a fireplace, but actually causes one to question their mortality and the shelf-life of digital products. It asks important questions: how will society thousands of years from now understand how we lived? What happens to our data when we’re no longer here?

The Forums then put on our Ruby-coloured glasses and tried to solve a mystery, Clue-style: for pdxSherpa, Sass works in codepen but not on their desktop.

Learnable released v2.0 of HTML5 and CSS3 For The Real World which you should download right now because it covers basically everything you could want to know about websites for these modern times we live in.

In short:

wh33t wants to know about javascript caching and javascript newbie hello2 discovers how to create cool circle images for websites.

Inquisitive minds want to know, do you call this great infobahn of ours the “Internet” or “internet”?

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