On hoverpause tow ork with scrooler?

Hi I am this scroller is almost perfect execept that I need to have the on-hover without moving the mouse to pause the scrooler at moment the way it works if on-mouseover to the left it scrolls left and to the right scrolls right I want to pause if user not moving the mouse?


This is where I got the script but It doesnt seem to do the pause or at least I can configure to work with my scri
Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi there,

I had a look at the your demo and also at the plugin page and I’m afraid this is going to be a bit trickier than you might think.
I don’t think there is a native JS event you could use and to implement what you are asking.
Rather, you would have to examine what the plugin is doing in response to the mousemove event and alter the code from there.

A much easier option would be to use a thumbnail scroller that supports this natively, such as this one: jQuery thumbnail scroller (kind of).
This has a noScrollCenterSpace option, with which you can specify an area which, when hovered over, stops the scroll.