On hover, add an img or video specified in data-src to a separate div

I have a several div’s that have either an img or video URL specified using a data- attribute. Like so <div class="swiper-slide" data-src="img/content/1-landscape.jpg">

When these div’s on hovered over the image/video should be added to and displayed in another separate div. The image/video will update depending on which div is hovered over.

<div class="carousel-bg">
    <img src="" />
    <video autoplay muted loop>
        <source src="" type="video/mp4">

I’m aware it’s probably not great to have these empty tags on the page, a better way might be to add the entire img or video element when required but this is just where I’m at right now!

My UI is a bit more complex than the following example but I’ve stripped out everything else just the focus on the fundamentals of the script. This example shows the image working, however I haven’t been able to workout the if/else to check if it’s a image or video and add to the relevant tag.

I tried to work in the following (below) without any luck. And also tried adding a class .onload so I can fade in/out the media when ready - but I’ll come back to that.

const media = item.querySelectorAll(“img, video”)
item.onmouseover = () => media.src = media.dataset.src;

Once the correct image/video is displayed. There’s a few other things I need to think about (for reference)…

  • These files could be quite large (not as large as the images in the example), so should I be displaying a loading animation then only fade-in the image or video when it’s ready?
  • I won’t need this on mobile/tablet as there’s no hover event. So will just run the script when touch is not detected.

Thanks in advance!

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