On Before Unload not getting before close notice or alert or trigger

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I am in chrome:

window.onbeforeunload = function() {
	var message = "You are my captive you cant leave";
	return message;

I got the clue to move ahead from here.

What I was anticipating was that I will get a trigger on trying to close the tab, but that has not happened.
Am I missing some basic fundamentals or something else is going wrong?

Yeah, you can’t do that anymore.


Thank you so much. Is there any thing else we can try? some other JS events?

Nope. Bad guys have ruined that for us.
You’ll only get a default message from the browser now.

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Hi there sir, I was able to get things done not by that function, but by mouseleave function.

var mouseMoveY = 0;
document.addEventListener("mouseleave", mlfunction);
function mlfunction(){
	if (mouseMoveY < 1) {
		alert("You are my captive you cant leave");		

Live Link here.

Still, I am figuring out how can I restrict that such even should fire only once. so that visitors should not suffer from annoyance.

… sooo… if mouseMoveY were to be set to something >= 1…

Ctrl+W to close the tab is my kryptonite to that technique. I’ll never know you had that message.

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