OMG Why can't they just work?

I am so mad at all the garbage that goes on.

All I want to do is make a simple box with a drop shadow. So I make a four corner image and try to make it stretch and it’s a complete pain and hardly ever works.

So I tried to make the drop shadows in CSS instead so that I don’t have to use images. That works great in FireFox but IE completely ignores it.

I don’t know how to make IE do the drop shadows, and I have no idea how to make the browser manufactures get their acts together so stuff works. Everything should just look the same no matter what browser I do it in. I shouldn’t have to deal with garbage.

IE from versino 9 supports them. See the support table for the box-shadow property:

If you want to fork your CSS, you can use something like CSS3Pie.

If you want to use js for ie then do as stated above and use csspie. That is a perfectly good solution and I wouldnt consider being lazy as it only fails in ie8/7/6 with js off and its only a shadow. If you want a shadow to work everywhere regardless then you can use one of my links below.

Drop shadow
4 sided drop shadow
rounded 4 sided drop fixed width box shadow

If its rounded corners and/or a width less box then I would just use csspie prob. You can do it with css and images but it gets complicated. Paul has some links on those if need be.

Okay… I followed the example ( So fart it’s working but how to I change the angle of the shadow, right now it looks really bad with the default, it’s way too much shadow.

By making your own shadow using Photoshop or GIMP?

No, Photoshop is the oldschool way. There is no need for messing with those shadow images in Photoshop anymore thanks to CSS3.

BTW. I got it fixed already, sorry I didn’t have time to update earlier.