OMG! Please help with alt tag


i often misunderstood this alt and title tags in images.
i am sure 50% of the images in my wordpress blog have no alt tag.
finally now i know what really alt and title.

since my blog has lot of images with out alt tag keywords, is there any way to ad alt targ keyword to alt mising images at once ?


It depends on where those images are on your WP blog. You can do a search and replace for images in the WordPress template with Dreamweaver, then it’s just a matter of uploading the template files again.

For images in posts or pages you will need to go back and manually insert the alt tag using the HTML edit option (tab option in the top-right corner of the wysiwyg).

The only thing that I can think of that MAY be faster for images in posts or pages is to go into the database itself (using phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, etc) if your host gives you access… and if you already have some knowledge/experience with databases. You can edit the data directly and you can make sure you get every post/page on your site, not to mention you won’t need to wait for each page in the admin to load. Just be careful make sure you make a backup first!

I guess there is no way to do it have use edit html option to do it for every image.

Since the purpose of each image is to convey different information and the purpose of the alt attribute is to convey that same information in words for when the image can’t be seen an automated process for filling in the alt attributes is not possible.

Also keywords has nothing whatever to do with alt attributes.

To check that the alt attributes are working correctly turn off images in your browser and make sure that the page is still properly readable and that the alt text properly supplies the equivalent information that the image did.

Thank you folks for the confirmation.

fellgall, nice tip men.thanks.

To check that the alt attributes are working correctly turn off images in your browser and make sure that the page is still properly readable and that the alt text properly supplies the equivalent information that the image did.

Another method of finding those empty alt elements would be to use a text editor with a decent search function and look for alt=“” (if you have added the attributes but not placed any content within them). You should listen to felgall though, alt attributes have nothing to-do with keywords or search engine optimization, they are intended to be readable alternatives in case the images aren’t available to the visitor (such as screen reader users who having sight problems will be seriously affected by the lack of usable information). Of all the places to try and boost your rankings, alt attributes are among the dirtiest ways to try and leech bonus points.

According to Bruce Clay, "the ALT tag is given consideration when crawled by the GoogleBot. " - Bruce Clay

More info - Matt Cutts video: ALT attributes for images (He correctly points out in his blog that it’s not a ‘Tag’ but then goes on to call it that in the video…)

While they are given consideration, I think it’s fair to say that they shouldn’t be used expressly for SEO. I might have worded what I said wrongly (because I was already aware search engines do use them) but I still think it’s a pretty dirty method to try and score bonus points with the search engines (when the purpose of alt attributes is to provide a readable and informative alternative for when the content isn’t visible or usable by the visitor or user agent - especially screen readers for the blind). Of course they can be effectively used and search engines will take notice, but I do worry that such statements might imply viability for abuse. :slight_smile:

PS: Boo at Bruce Clay for calling them tags, their attributes! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no such thing as a ‘clean’ method when it comes to SEO since Google don’t want you to do anything that you wouldn’t do if there were no search engines, especially if it’s an attempt to manipulate your rankings in their index. That doesn’t change the fact though that when the bot is trying to figure out what a page is about the Alt Attribute is as good a place as any to use your main keyword phrase.

As with any discussion about on-site optimisation though, it boils down to ‘do what’s best for your users’ and that will be what’s best for the bots and the Alt Attribute, like any other on-page element, shouldn’t be ‘abused’.

in order for you to attempt to manipulate your rankings in their index try the Black hat technique in order for you to gain high PR.

See JJMcClure, it’s stuff like this which made me feel I needed to define what I mean’t (in the sense of squeezing attributes mean’t for the less than able is pretty low, even for people who do it to their general content). I wouldn’t want someone less knowledgeable than yourself to read this thread and think “what a great idea” :rolleyes:

This sort of advise is given so that you will have your page banned from the search engine. The person giving such advice hopes that by convincing others to do the wrong thing like this that it might make it a bit easier for them to get their site higher in the rankings.

Alternatively it is being given by someone who has already been conned into believing this garbage by someone else who has the motive mentioned above and this person is unwittingly helping them by passing on the bad advice that they were given.