Olivia Newton John - Twist Of Fate

Just heard “Twist Of Fate” on Casey Kasem’s “AT40 - The 80’s”…


Say all you Aussies (and movie buffs)…

For some reason I was thinking Olivia was in a movie about coming back from the dead and getting a second chance at life OR the above mentioned song was on the sound-track of such a movie.

Am I close or way off?


Have you even heard of Google? Took me 5 seconds to Google that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I have heard of Google.

But neither your (sarcastic) response, nor the Google link you provided answer my original question, so it looks like that 5 seconds didn’t yield much…


It appears that Olivia Newton-John wasn’t in any movie with a plot-line like I was remembering. (I can’t find anything, at least.)

The lyrics in the song “Twist Of Fate” definitely song like a good storyline. (And nothing like the movie it actually relates to?!)

I suppose my old mind was thinking of more of a “City Of Angels” or “Ghost” or maybe even “What Dreams May Come” or whatever?! :-/

Of well, awesome song nonetheless! :smiley:


Well, the song was the track of a movie, which the Wikipedia article clarified, which seemed to be part of your question. Sorry for seeming sarcastic, though. Didn’t mean to.

Well, telling people to “try Google” and “it took 5 seconds” never sits well with me.

Before coming here, I DO try to research things. (Especially coding issues.) So when I make a post, it is because the answer isn’t “obvious”.

Let it be known, the FIRST thing I did when that song came on was to Wiki it, but when I saw the movie it was associated with had nothing to do with the movie I was thinking of, I figured a post here might help.

Once again proving that Google can’t solve everything… :wink:


P.S. I originally said the movie was about

coming back from the dead and getting a second chance at life
which the one you Googled clearly wasn’t about. Anyways.

It looks like this is the movie that featured that song: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086494/

Right, but that wasn’t the question.


How about this?

That’s funny… I think I’ll start telling everybody, “I dunno dude, just Google it” anytime they ask me a question since Google knows all and is keeping data on all of us anytime we interact with Google’s technology.

I wonder what their going to do with all that data on all those people…