Older generation G5 for web development

I see there are a lot of older G5’s on the market. The newer G5’s have a much more powerful processor and I guess the video editors are all upgrading so their older models are on the market.

I want to use this mainly for photoshop CS4 and coding CSS sites.

Right now I have a very old P4 which is very slow. Will these G5’s be good value?


I’m not certain if the G5s can run CS4 and above. Just check first, anyway. (I assume you’re talking Macs). It’s safer to get an Intel machine to run today’s software.

To be fair here, you have just said you’re currently using Windows (and that you want something like Coda - don’t we all).

There really isn’t much of a difference between CS4 on the Windows and Mac platform so I don’t think it’s worth the added cost just for producing a bit of CSS. :slight_smile:

I cannot find a editor as good as Coda for windows and I think the workflow for CSS development is smoother on a Mac.

This is why I am interested in the G5 but I wonder if the older gen systems will work with CS4. Anyone have any older G5’s and are running CS4 want to comment.


Here’s a useful link:

The minimum processor required to effectively run Adobe CS4 for Mac differs according to the version of CS4 that is being installed. Basic versions such as CS4 Design Standard can use either a PowerPC G5 processor or any of the Intel multicore processors. More advanced versions, including the CS4 Master Suite, are unable to use the PowerPC G5 and require an Intel multicore processor.

I would go for a second hand Intel if you can, as the door is basically shut on PowerPCs.