Old results Vs New Results

Why does Older search results often appear than newer items. For instance say content done in 2009 is higher than content done in 2011.

Some things don’t change. Just because an article is older doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of date. Older pages have had more time to be indexed and to build up links and a good reputation. A popular article that’s a few years old might build up thousands of “natural” links (ie, links that people chose to give of their own free will because they think it is a page worth linking to, rather than links that the article’s author pestered people into giving). That counts for a lot, if Google can’t see any evidence to say that the article is no longer as relevant.

Is it true that press release will go significantly higher in search results.

No. Nothing happens automatically. If you write an article and call it a press release, or write a press release and call it an article, Google really couldn’t care less. If the content is good, the site is reputable and it appears to be the best page out there for a given search query, it will get to #1. If it doesn’t, it won’t.

Its because Old is Gold !!

Showing old result or new is depends on the search query and co-relation between the search page showing by the search engine. The thing is search engines has their own search algorithms and they show those pages which they think suits best to search queries. It often shows old result means those pages has the trustworthy as well as related content or we can say information to your search queries.