Old/new The Flash comics

Hello there!
I am looking for old The Flash comics but in new shape and not those old torn out ones.
i have looked at a site that usually have the most stuff (mrtoken.com) but they didn´t have it there…
So do any of you guys know where to get these old/new comics?

You might have better luck asking your question on a comic book forum or looking at other storefronts or auction sites that sell comic books. This is a web development forum geared toward building websites.

yeah maybe, didn´t think of that sorry

[FONT=Georgia]hmph, I have no idea.

I suppose you looked on eBay and Amazon already?[/FONT]

I have checked ebay a bit but not amazon it isn´t so big here in Sweden, I have actually never even been on that site but I suppose I will look there :slight_smile:

You could have a look at http://www.abebooks.co.uk/ . I’m not sure (because I don’t know anything about these types of comics ;)), but it looks as if there are a few for sale there.

Thanks, I will look in to it :slight_smile: