Ok to design for 1366px monitors? What about good grids to use?

I am wondering; is ok to design for 1366 monitors today and if so: what would be a good grid/grid size? The site will be responsive and work from 320px and upwards. Thx for your help:)

no idea here pros? :frowning:

Hi Phidel and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t really understand what you’re asking. If the site’s responsive, then you’re not designing for any one monitor size. Could you clarify the question a bit, please?

Well I guess you have a good point there. Since it is responsive it should work on most displays but:

  1. Is it generally considered to design to fill a 1366 screen?

  2. Do you know of any grids to use for this? I have searched but not really found any and I guess this is the most important point. I am just a noob designer so I maybe I got something wrong…

Thx for helping out :slight_smile:

People will lose track of which row of text they are reading if it is too wide. Most references I have seen suggest somewhere between 30 em and 35 em as the maximum column width for static text. How many columns will then fit in any given screen size will then depend on how big the font size is set to.

Well I was thinking like keeping about 700px for the blog post and the rest for sidebars… one wide blog post and then two sidebars to the right…

Normally i consider 1280px a starting resolution width of a monitor, because there are still lots of laptops that use that resolution. So i take that into consideration whenever i create a new site.