"Oh, one thing, will you work for commission?"

Me: So given your specification, I’d say it’ll take around 4 days to build your site, with another day of contingency. You need it by the end of February for your product launch so I’ll block out 4 days which leaves another one in hand for any changes you need. My rates are £285 per day which takes us to, ah…
Client: Oh, one thing, will you work for commission?
Me: Um, well maybe, I…
Client: Yes, I find it works better that way
Me: Ah, well, that would be me investing in your business, I’d need to see all sorts of things, your business plan, your…
Client: I have been handing out lots of samples.
Me: Really?
Client: I can send you, right now, the names of four people who have tried my product and have asked me where they can buy it. (seriously, I’m not making this stuff up)
Me: Oh well, that’s very nice but…
Client: Oh and something else, can you do, I think it was called “Pick and Pack”
Me: “Pick and Pack”?
Client: Yes, when you put the product in the boxes and send it to the customer.
Me: For commission?
Client: I find it works better that way.
Me: Um, I just need to look at something. Can I call you back?
Client: Yes, when will you call me back?
Me: Later tonight?
Client: What time later tonight will you call me back?
Me: Um, 6ish?
Client: OK, that will be fine. I’ll speak to you at 6.00.
Me: OK, bye, thanks for your time.

Nope, but if I know the person personally and is you friend, why not? But if you’re going to deal with somebody online, the answer would be “no”.

Did you call him back? :smiley:

What the update?
Did you finalize the deal?

Yes. Me too. With the lot of spamming and fraud cases here in the internet world, it is very hard to deal with somebody we don’t know personally.