"og:description" vs. name="description" What's the best practice?

Would the best practice be to use both?

“og:description” & name=“description”

The OG description is typically used by the likes of Facebook and Twitter to provide supplementary descriptions for posted links and is normally required if you provide OG data.

The meta description provides search engines with a summary of the page contents, sometime used used in search results. Meta descriptions are optional if you want to provide search engines with custom information for any given page.

Meta descriptions are generally considered to be quite important in SEO. They are often used to provide a summary in search results. If you don’t include one, search engines will create a snippet from your page content, which may not reflect your own priorities. Google’s SEO Starter Guide gives advice on writing good meta descriptions.

Perhaps this Matt Cutts video will explain a bit more:

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The link to the guide I mentioned above: Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Well worth reading if you’re new to this stuff - and maybe even as a “refresher” if you’re not.

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